April Azizi


Life-work balance (notice the order) is extremely important to me. I learned first-hand about career burn-out and compassion fatigue! Luckily I've emerged relatively unscathed and with the promise to myself that I will not let that happen again. I am passionate about helping others in this area.


My pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am dedicated to working with folx in systemically non-dominant groups, as well as those who are more "mainstream."

My first career was as a teacher. I taught English in Japan, to students aged 3 to 83. After coming home, I taught international college students, then was a public school teacher for 13 years. 


I am a mix of extrovert and introvert. On the one hand, I love to sing, dance, and perform. (Above is a picture of me at Ladies Rock Camp! One friend says it's more fun than should be legal!) On the other hand, I need my quiet time to enjoy art, writing, and reading.